In light of the mass killings of recent, I have an important message for the killers. Whether the killers survive their evil deeds or not, they will one day face the judgment of God and God has only two to offer--heaven or hell.

There is a treasure trove of evidence available that leaves no room for doubt that there is a heaven and a hell.  Nurses treating dying patients have seen it, many others have seen it, including the family of Billy Graham at the death of his grandmother. At least one medical doctor has written a book about it.  Therefore, there is far more evidence that God is real, Christ is real, and the Bible is true then there is that they are not real and true.

Many have opinions as to why the mass killers are doing what they do. I have my opinions, too. A few of my opinions include that they are mostly young people.  Young people do not always live in a rational world but in a dream world and as such are easily influenced by teachers, bullies in school, media, action movies and they become groupies of their mentors.  One factor that is certainly involved with their behavior is the lack of being reared in Bible believing and Bible practicing churches.


 The outlawing of any Christian teaching in public schools have certainly contributed to the bad behavior of our youth.  The devaluation of human life by sixth million abortions may be a contributing factor.  The vilification of corporations and rich executives by rich politicians leads to despair, hopeless and depression of the poor.  Depression is a serious and dangerous illness.

These killers may not believe in God before they die but they certainly will when they face  His judgment.